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Silk Mohair Drivers Knit -Ash Blue

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Over -size driver's knit braided with 5g one -ridge knitting. It is a versatile item that can be worn in mode and authentic. Using a luxurious silk mole thread, a double zip of Excella® made in Japan made in Japan, which is very smooth and glossy.


Silk Mohair yarn: Used raw material of rare Angola goats for hair. There is less climp of hair (hair shrunk) than wool, and the cuticle is small and smooth, so there is a glossy and fiber.
In addition, silk is used luxuriously for the core thread. The beautiful gloss of silk, which is peeked out of the natural luster of mohair, creates a sense of luxury.

One size deployment of size 3.

Made in China

Mohair 70%, Silk 30%

Size Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
3 (L) 72cm 68cm 62cm 56cm


[About handling]
Dry cleaning is possible
Use a cleaning netstomach。 The dark color may be discoloredPlease avoid washing with other things.stomach。 Fluorescent bleach for light colorWith the agentstomachNamedstomachUse detergentstomach。 Diping in water for a long timeAvoidstomach。 After washing, adjust the shape immediately and dry it.stomach。 Use a cloth for the ironstomachDue to sweat or rain, or friction,Please note that it may transfer to other things.stomach


Brand part number: LF353KN0322

The model wearing size is [size 3].

Women Model Height: 174cm (MEN MODEL Height: 187cm)