• About member registration

      I'd like to membership registration.
      New Customer? Sign Up!We access to, your name, e-mail address, enter the password, please create an account.

      Can I change the address and phone number that has been registered?
      Such as your address and phone number we have on the top Login, can you change from the "My Account → View Addresses".

      Your password has become not know. Or you want to change the password.
      Forgot your password?More, please enter your e-mail address transmission. After access to the e-mail link, please set a new password.
      ※ If there is your registered e-mail address of the unknown "CONTACTPlease contact me from ".

      I want to unsubscribe.
      CONTACTPlease contact the effect of withdrawal from ".

    • About login

      Is it possible from either login.
      LoginYou can log in with registered e-mail address and password than the page.

      But it was registered on a computer, or you can also log in from your phone?
      Registered e-mail address and password, will be the smartphone and personal computers common, so you can log in.

      Error appears when you try to log in. If there is a message "Incorrect email or password."
      → or to your input e-mail address is incomplete, has been Please enter the wrong password. Please confirm completion of the registration e-mail, please check does not contain alphanumeric characters, space and the like.
    • About Item

      I do not know the size of the commodity.
      The size of the product, please refer to the size information that is listed in the product page.
      In addition, products of LUFON® OFFICIAL WEBSITE is, we have the measurements in the flat.

      About the commodity price.
      Although the price of the product may be carried out without prior notice price changes, the price changes after purchase, please understand we can not accept.

      I want to hemming-size repair.
      I am sorry. Correspondence I can not do, please understand it.

      About inventory

      I want to reserve Stock · Contact.
      LUFON® OFFICIAL Stock WEBSITE of goods in-your take corresponding fifth 置等 we can not.
    • About your order

      How do you order?

      Flow of your order is as follows.

      • 1. goods Add to Shopping Cart

        If you have you are looking for products, it will be added when you click the Product Details [Add to cart] in the shopping cart.
        ※ Depending on goods, backordered, re-backordered, you may not be able to immediately purchase of stock.

      • 2. Check the shopping cart contents

        A change in the number of and order, deletion of the order product can be done in the shopping cart screen.

      • 3. Login / Register

        If you are already being member registration, please login by entering your email address and password.
        Registration is still the person is,New Customer? Sign Up!More after the contents of the check, please go the new member registration.
        After logging in, order products If you have become a usual, click the [Check Out].

      • 4. receiver's address, the payment method selection / Order completion

        If you are not your registration of the shipping address is received your address, your phone number your registration, click the [Continue to shipping].
        Check the receiver's address, it confirms the shipping, please select the payment method.
        If there is no mistake and click the [Pay now], it will be the order is complete.

      If we place an order for the reservation goods, other products do not enter the cart.
      Reservations for sale products and other products can not be purchased at the same time.

      You have not received the order confirmation email.
      Order completion mail will have been sent automatically from the system. Check if the mail does not reach, whether it is the domain specified reception, because there is a possibility you do not have your order is completed, please check your order status from "Order History" My page.
      If you do not receive an email from LUFON® OFFICIAL WEBSITE have been anti-spam we ask the domain designation cancellation of the "@ lufon.jp".
      ※ re-transmission of e-mail you can not please understand.

      Order confirmation email has been sent in duplicate.
      If the order confirmation e-mail has arrived more than two copies, there is a possibility that has been your registered by mistake your order duplication.
      Please inquire from CONTACT as soon as possible.

    • For information about changing your order content

      We want to change your order.
      I am sorry. Because the corresponding I can not do after completing your order, please understand.

      We want to change your mailing address.
      I am sorry. Because the corresponding I can not do after completing your order, please understand.
      It should be noted that, after shipping products, so we describe the Contact Us No shipping products completion mail, please contact the Sagawa Express.

      I want to cancel the goods you ordered.
      Sorry, because I can not do the correspondence of cancellation after completing your order, please understand.
      Please give me the order on that had you be sure to confirm.

      I want to check the order details.
      Confirmation of your order, you can check from the "Order History" in My Account.

      I want you to cut the price because they are price cuts after purchase.
      We are allowed to your settlement price at the time of your order. Since I can not do the discount of the goods after confirming your order, please understand.

      Is it possible cooling-off?
      On the provisions of a particular trade law, sales in this service has been the subject outside of the cooling-off system.
      We do not have mandated the application of cooling off in the mail-order sales.
      Cooling-off system has become a system to protect customers from forced sales, such as touted in the door-to-door sales, and applicable plans with respect to consideration that can be mail order purchase in his own intention (Internet sales included) We now have. Please note.

    • About the method of payment

      Or payment method is there any kind?
      Credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, convenience store (Family Mart, Lawson MINISTOP) settlement, you can choose from a bank transfer.

      ● credit card
      Available card: JCB, VISA, Mastercard, is the four types of American Express.
      LUFON® OFFICIAL we use a system called SSL in WEBSITE. Please be assured that card number will be sent encrypted.

      ● PayPal
      Log in to your PayPal account.
      Check the contents and then tap Accept and continue].

      ● Apple Pay
      Log in to the settlement service, please to confirm the payment.

      ● Payment Convenience
      FamilyMart, Lawson, please pay at the each of MINISTOP over-the-counter.

      ● Bank transfer
      Please then transfer it to your designated bank account.

      I can not credit settlement.
      Expiration date, or not a number of erroneous input, once again, please check.
      If there is a deficiency in the credit card number, etc. input your, your process of your order will not be completed.

      I want to know the price withdrawal date of the items purchased with a credit card.
      In LUFON® OFFICIAL WEBSITE, your order fixed date will be the date of purchase.
      Although the usually will be billed for the next month or the month after, it will vary depending on the credit card company regarding your debit date, please contact us directly to the credit card company for more information.

      Can I use a credit card with a debit function.
      Available, please note the following.
      ※ If you use any credit card with a debit function in payment, will immediately order amount of money from the account by your order at the same time as the debit function (full amount) is deducted.
      ※ In the case of some return, etc. of your order, order to carry out the credit card authentication again, there is likely to be debited from the account to double.
      ※ If you have or order if the refund returned goods, etc. has occurred duplicate, but will be refunded from the card company of your contract at a later date, the period of until the refund is complete will vary by card-issuing company, take up to 60 days If there is a.

    • For shipping and delivery

      Where is the home-delivery company.
      We will carry out delivery from Sagawa Express.
      ※ Please note that you can not specify the delivery company.

      How much is the shipping cost.
      Japan is free shipping.

      Overseas delivery is different depending on the weight of the product.
      ※ The following shipping costs apply to the product weight
      0 kg-2 kg ¥ 1,000
      2 kg-4 kg ¥ 2,000
      4 kg-6 kg ¥ 3,500
      6 kg-8 kg ¥ 5,000
      8 kg-10 kg ¥ 6,500
      10 kg or more ¥ 9,000

      How many days do you arrive?
      We will usually deliver it in 2-4 days, as we are shipping on the next business day of your order date. When shipping of the product is complete, shipping completion email is sent.
      ※ Please note that delivery may be delayed depending on the product and the weather condition. After shipping completion email, please contact us from Contact if the product does not reach more than 5 days.
      ※ It may take more than 5 days depending on the area where you live island.
      ※ The reserved product is delivered from the scheduled delivery schedule from the site to the order order.
      ※ We may change the arrival (delivery) of reserved products (delivery). In that case, we will contact you by email.

      I would like to change the delivery destination.
      You can not accept the delivery destination change after the order is complete.
      After shipping is complete, the management of luggage is commissioned to Sagawa Express, so please contact Sagawa Express for detailed specifications and requests.

      Can I send out separate orders together?
      I am sorry. Please note that we can not respond after completion of order.

      If it was absent at delivery?
      If it is absent, we will deliver "List of Report" from the delivery company (Sagawa Express).
      After adjusting the customer's delivery desired date during the delivery possible period, please receive the product.
      If you can not contact the contact information in the "Absent Contact Code", the delivery product will be returned to our delivery center and will be treated as return goods. Please note that we can not re-deliver from our company.

      About luggage redistribution.
      It can be stored at the delivery company (Sagawa Express) until it receives 7 days from the shipping date.
      If you can not receive it within the storage period, the order product will be treated as a return (cancellation) and you can not rely.
      If you have any desired products, please give me a new order again by yourself.
      ※ Please note that it may be sold out at that time.

      If you repeat the receipt of receipt by customer convenience and the long-term absence, you may not be able to accept orders including the usage restriction and the product before shipping, so please be sure to accept the product.

      We do not receive booked products.
      If the product is scheduled after the arrival (delivery) planned on the site, please contact us from Contact if the product does not reach.

      Products that have arrived were defective products and products different from orders have arrived.
      When the product arrives at hand, please open it immediately and be sure to confirm that "Do you have a defective point in the product" and "Do you have any errors in your order".
      If the product we delivered is a defective product, we will respond to the same product.
      Please note that you can not exchange with another product. In addition, if there is no replaceable stock, we will respond by refund.
      If it is incorrect delivery, we will exchange for the same product correct product. In addition, if there is no replaceable stock, we will respond by refund.
      Shipping costs for return will be paid by us. Please contact CONTACT about the return procedure.

      Is it possible to ship overseas? (Do You Accept Overseas Mail Shopping?)
      Overseas shipping is compatible. We will deliver in EMS. (We Support Overseas Shipping. We Will Deliver by EMS.)

    • About returned goods / exchange

      Can I return?
      • Customer exchange can not be accepted at all.
        In addition, since it is possible to return or exchange products due to defects in the product and the waste loss at the time of shipment, please contact the customer center within 7 days after arrival of the product arrives.
        In that case, the shipping cost will be paid by our company.

        ※ Please contact us before contacting the refund procedure, unauthorized return (only defective product only) will take time.
        ※ Please note that we would like to accept for return reasons.
      • [Products to be subject to return / exchange]

        1. Product specifications, products that have obvious deficiencies (excluded by USED processing)
        2. Product delivery, pollution, damage caused by
        3. If a product different from the post-order confirmation mail has arrived
      • [Products that are not subject to return / exchange]

        1. Products returned without permission
        2. Products have elapsed 7 days or more after the product arrival
        3. Products used
        4. Products for reservations
        5. Sale · lucky bag · outlet products
        6. Product Package (Case Bag) December (Product Tag / Value Tag) · Accessories · Warranty · Identification
        7. Products that are not part of the set (set products, please return all set contents together)
        8. Products that cause wounds, corruption, fouling, perfume, and cigarettes at the hands of the customer
        9. Products that have put courions in the shoebox
      • ※ We handle new items at all, but please be aware in advance that it will occur in the stage of production, and if it happens.
        ※ When replacing, it may be refunded for products without stock.
        ※ When you arrive at the time of arrival at hand, please open the packing as soon as possible and confirm your order product.
        ※ Please return everything that was delivered during return. It also includes shop bags and catalogs that are included by campaign etc. <
        ※ In case of defective product etc., please contact customer support as we will confirm the situation.
      How will be refunded?
      Please refer to the following because it depends on the settlement method.

      [When using credit settlement]
      Credit Cancel and some refunds will be refunded.
      Please note that you may change to "account refund" when an error occurs in credit refund.
      ※ We will contact you from our company when an error occurs.

      Can I replace it?
      Please note that you do not accept size and color.
      In the case of product failure, it is replacement with the same product, including size and color.

    • About system error

      An error message is displayed.

      Because of the connection environment of the customer's terminal, it is difficult to guide you for the detailed cause.
      If the error continues, please delete the cookie of your browser and the cache, and once power off the customer's terminal, and ask for access from the site TOP again.
      If not improved, please contact Customer Support after the following items are listed.

      1. Usage model
      2. Browser used
      3. Displayed error message
      4. Date and time when the phenomenon occurred, time zone
      5. Product information (eg product name, brand etc.) I tried to buy
      6. At that time (where did you enter any page?)
    • About inquiry

      Which one do you want to inquire?
      Please check this page first and contact Contact from Contact if you do not resolve it.

      An reply for inquiries does not come.

      If the inquiry is successfully received, you will receive an automatic reply email.
      If you do not receive an email, the following reasons can be considered.

      1. Address erroneous input
      2. I have been measuring spam
        It is very inconvenient, but please check the email address, ask again, or release the domain specification of "@ lufon.jp".