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    • About membership registration

      I would like to register as a member.
      New Customer? Sign Up!Access, enter your name, email address, and password to create an account.

      Can I change my registered address or phone number?
      The registered address and telephone number can be changed from "My Account → View Addresses".

      I don't know the password. Or want to change the password.
      Forgot your password?Enter your email address and send it. After accessing the email link, set a new password.
      * If your registration email address is unknownCONTACTPlease contact us from.

      I would like to unsubscribe.
      CONTACTPlease let us know that you are withdrawn.

    • About login

      Where can you log in?
      LoginYou can log in with the registered email address and password from the page.

      I registered on a personal computer, can I log in from my smartphone?
      Registered e -mail addresses and passwords are common to smartphone and personal computers, so you can log in.

      An error will be displayed when you try to log in. When "IncorRect Email or Password."
      → The input email address is incomplete or the password is incorrectly entered. Please check the registration completion email and check if there is no half -width alphanumeric characters and space.
    • About the product

      I don't know the size of the product.
      For the size of the product, please see the size information listed on the product page.
      In addition, Lufon Official Website products are measured in a flat place.

      About the product price.
      The price of the product may be changed without notice, but please note that the price change after purchase is not accepted.

      I want to fix the hemming and size.
      I am sorry. Please note that we can not respond.

      About inventory

      I want to order and reserve.
      Lufon Official WebSite cannot handle products and reservations.
    • About your order

      How do you order?

      The flow of your order is as follows.

      • 1. Put the product in the shopping cart

        If you have a product you are looking for, click [Add to Cart] in the product details to add it to the shopping cart.
        * Depending on the product, you may not be able to purchase immediately due to stock waiting, restoration, and out of stock.

      • 2. Check the contents of the shopping cart

        You can change the number of orders and delete the ordered product on the shopping cart screen.

      • 3. Login/new member registration

        If you have already registered as a member, enter your email address and password and log in.
        If you have not registered as a member,New Customer? Sign Up!Please check the content and register a new member.
        After logging in, if the order is decided, click [Go to purchase].

      • 4. Delivery destination / payment method selection / order completion

        If you have not registered your delivery address, register your address and phone number, and click [Payment].
        Check the destination, check the shipping fee, and select the payment method.
        If there is no mistake, click [Confirm your order] to complete the order.

      If you order a reserved product, other products will not enter the cart.
      Products to be reserved and other products cannot be purchased at the same time.

      The order completion email does not arrive.
      Order completion email is automatically sent from the system. If you do not receive the confirmation email, there is a possibility that the domain has been received or the order has not been completed, so please check the order status from "Order History" on My Page.
      If you are taking a spam mail and does not receive an email from Lufon Official Website, please cancel the domain specification of "@".
      * Please note that we cannot resend email.

      The order completion email has been duplicated.
      If you receive two or more order confirmation emails, there is a possibility that your order has been accidentally registered.
      Please contact us as soon as possible.

    • About changes in order details

      I want to change the order content.
      I am sorry. Please note that we cannot respond after the order is completed.

      I want to change the send address.
      I am sorry. Please note that we cannot respond after the order is completed.
      In addition, after the product shipping, we will contact you with the product shipping completion email, so please contact Sagawa Express.

      I want to cancel the ordered product.
      We are sorry, but please note that we cannot respond to cancellation after the order is completed.
      Please be sure to order after confirming.

      I would like to check the contents of the order.
      You can check the order of your order from "Order History" of My Account.

      I want you to lower the price because the price is reduced after purchase.
      We will settle at the price at the time of ordering. Please note that we cannot discount the product after the order is confirmed.

      Can I cool off?
      According to the specified Commercial Transactions Law, sales with this service are not eligible for the cooling -off system.
      Cooling -off is not required for mail order.
      The cooling -off system is a system that protects customers from forced sales, such as fordo sales in door -to -door sales, and is not applied to the system regarding mail -order sales (including Internet sales) that can be considered on their own. We now have. Please note.

    • About payment method

      What kind of payment method is there?
      Credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, convenience store (Family Mart Lawson Ministop) payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery.

      ● Credit card
      Used cards: JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.
      Lufon Official Website uses a system called SSL. Please be assured that the card number is encrypted and sent.

      ● PayPal
      Log in to the PayPal account.
      Check the contents and tap [Agree and continue].

      ● Apple Pay
      Please log in to the payment service and confirm payment.

      ● Google Pay
      Please log in to the payment service and confirm payment.

      ● SHOP Pay
      Please log in to the payment service and confirm payment.

      ● Convenience store payment
      Please pay at FamilyMart, Lawson and ministops.

      ● Bank transfer
      Please transfer to the specified bank account.

      ● Cash on delivery
      After the product arrives, please pay the product amount including cash on delivery fee to the delivery person.

      I can't make credit payments.
      Please check again for the expiration date and number of numbers.
      If you have any incomplete credit card numbers, etc., your order procedure will not be completed.

      I want to know the date of deduction of the product purchased with a credit card.
      In Lufon Official Website, the order date is the purchase date.
      Normally, you will be charged for the next or next month, but the date of the payment will vary depending on the credit card company, so please contact the credit card company directly.

      Can I use a credit card with a debit function?
      You can use it, but please understand the following.
      * If you use a credit card with a debit function for payment, the order amount (full amount) will be deducted immediately from the account by the debit function at the same time as your order.
      * In the case of partial returns of your order, the credit card is authenticated again, so it may be deducted from the account.
      * If a refund occurs due to returned goods, or if the order is duplicated, the refund will be refunded at a later date, but the period until the refund is completed will vary depending on the card issuer, but it takes up to 60 days. Sometimes.

    • About shipping and delivery

      Where is the courier company?
      We will deliver from Sagawa Express.
      * Please note that we cannot specify the delivery company.

      How much is the shipping cost.
      Free shipping in Japan.

      Overseas delivery (FEDEX) differs depending on the weight of the product as follows.
      * The following shipping cost will be charged for the product weight
      0kg-2 kg ¥ 1,000
      2kg-4 kg ¥ 2,000
      4kg-6 kg ¥ 3,500
      6kg-8 kg ¥ 5,000
      8kg-10 kg ¥ 6,500
      10kg or more ¥ 9,000

      * Free shipping on the order amount of ¥ 60,000 or more

      How many days will it arrive?
      It is shipped within 1-3 business days from the order date (payment date in the case of convenience store payment). Once the product shipment is completed, a shipping completion email is sent.
      * Please note that delivery may be delayed depending on the product and weather conditions. If the product does not arrive after 7 days or more after the shipping completion email, please contact us from Contact.
      * Depending on the area where you live, such as remote islands, it may take more than 5 days.
      * Reserved items will be delivered in order of order as soon as the delivery schedule listed on the site.
      * The arrival (delivery) schedule of reserved items may be changed. In that case, we will contact you by email.

      I would like to change the delivery destination.
      We cannot accept the delivery destination change after the order is completed.
      After the shipment is completed, the management of the luggage is outsourced to Sagawa Express, so please contact Sagawa Express for detailed specifications and requests.

      Is it possible to ship separate orders all together?
      I am sorry. Please note that we cannot respond after the order is completed.

      What if I was absent at the time of delivery?
      If you are absent, we will deliver a "absent contact slip" from the delivery company (Sagawa Express).
      Please adjust the product after adjusting the desired delivery date of the customer during the delivery period.
      If you cannot contact the contacts described in the "Absence Contact Form", or if the address is incomplete, the delivered items will be returned to our delivery center and will be returned. Please note that we cannot redelivery from us.

      About luggage redelivery.
      It can be stored at the delivery company (Sagawa Express) until you receive it for 7 days from the date of shipment.
      If you can not receive it within the storage period, please note that your ordered item will be treated as returned (canceled) and will not be redeliated.
      If you have any desired products, we would like you to be able to order again.
      * Please note that it may be sold out at that time.

      If you decline receipt due to customer's convenience, or repeated long -term absence, you may not be able to accept orders including restrictions and products before shipping, so please be sure to accept products.

      The reserved product does not arrive.
      If the product does not arrive after the arrival (delivery) schedule posted on the site, please contact us from Contact.

      The product that arrived was defective, and a different product arrived.
      When the product arrives at hand, please open it immediately and make sure to check whether there is a bad point in the product and whether there is an error in your order.
      If the delivered product is a defective product, we will replace it with the same product.
      Please note that we cannot exchange with another product. If there is no stock that can be exchanged, we will respond by refund.
      If it is a mistake, we will exchange it for the same product correct product. In addition, if there is no stock that can be exchanged, we will respond by refund.
      We will bear the shipping cost for return. Please contact us for the return procedure from Contact.

      Is it possible to ship overseas? (Do you account over overSeas Mail Shopping?)
      Overseas shipping is supported. We will deliver it by fedex. (We support Overseas SHIPPING. We Will Deliver by by BY Fedex. )

    • About return / exchange

      Is it possible to return or exchange?
      • Returns and replacement requests are possible only within 14 days from the date of delivery.

        If you wish to return or exchange, please contact the following client service first. We will contact you when you contact us when you return the product.

        ・ Product tag is removed

        ・ Products with a feeling of use

        ・ SALE product

        * In the case of other reasons other than the initial failure, we will ask you to return it by the original payment.

      • LUFON client service

        Business hours: 10: 00-19: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays)


      How is it refunded?
      Please refer to the following for the payment method.

      [If you use credit payment]
      We will refund by credit cancellation and partial refund.
      Please note that if an error occurs in the credit refund, it may be changed to "account refund".
      * If an error occurs, we will contact you.
    • About system error

      An error message is displayed.

      It depends on the connection environment of your usage terminal, so it is difficult to provide information on detailed causes.
      If the error continues, please delete the cookies and cache of your browser, turn off your terminal once, and access them again from the site.
      If it is not improved, please describe the following items and contact customer support.

      1. Model used
      2. Use browser
      3. The displayed error message
      4. Date and time when the phenomenon occurred
      5. Product information about purchasing (for example, product name, brand, etc.)
      6. The situation at that time (which page did you enter?)
    • About inquiries

      Where should I contact you?
      First of all, please check this page and contact us from Contact if you do not solve it.

      We will not reply to your inquiry.

      If your inquiry is accepted successfully, we will send you an automatic reply email.
      If you do not receive the email, the cause may be the following reasons.

      1. Accessories of the address
      2. Measures for spam
        Sorry to trouble you, but please check your email address, contact us again, or cancel the domain specification of "".