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Fall / Winter 2023-2024



In the fifth season of the season, the 5th season of the 2023-24-24-24, we photographed the location of designers in Nagano Prefecture.

Based on "Knit that shines in winter scenery", we have built a collection centered on "mohair", a very popular material in the vintage market.

Knit blousons and mufflers using "twisted yarn" of different yarns (silk neps and kid mohair) that have not been implemented before,
We created a chisel (plant) cardigan and polo shirts with traditional brushed brushed processing, creating depth as a knit item.

In addition, the icon of the Lufon icon, Hand Knit's crochet knitting (crochet knitting), will be proposed this season as an item that can be worn all year round.
The color, design and ladies size are expanded, and color has been added to the collection.

As a back theme, what is a modern luxury knit brand? An eco -fur jacket that has been seen in the dialogue with himself will also appear.

Please enjoy this collection.