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About selling price
The selling price (price) displayed on the screen is the price that contains consumption tax.
Sales prices (prices) may price without notice. Please note that the price change of the product ordered before the price decreases can not be accepted.
Tag notation and purchase price may be different.
Details of price cuts can not respond even if you contact us.

about shipping cost
Japan is free shipping.

Overseas delivery is different depending on the weight of the product.
※ The following shipping costs apply to the product weight
0 kg-2 kg ¥ 1,000
2 kg-4 kg ¥ 2,000
4 kg-6 kg ¥ 3,500
6 kg-8 kg ¥ 5,000
8 kg-10 kg ¥ 6,500
10 kg or more ¥ 9,000

About delivery
We will ship on the next business day of your order date. (Saturday, Sunday, Holiday Closed)
※ The reserved product is delivered to the product page.
【Delivery company】
Sagawa Express

In the case of absent, Sagawa Express will deliver absent vote, so please contact the Sales Office described.
※ If the name of the orderer name and the nameplate is different, if you do not have a name for the nameplate, you can not enter the absence vote. Please note.
※ We will guide you to the Sagawa Express luggage number by e-mail after shipping. If you have any questions, please contact Sagawa Express at your luggage number.

[Sagawa Express Luggage Contact System]

About payment / settlement fee
    1. pay by a credit card
      Credit cards available are four types: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express.
      The settlement date is charged to a card company on the order confirmation date of the product.

    2. Paypal
      Log in to the payPal account.
      Check the contents and tap [Agree and Continue].

    3. Apple pay
      Log in to the settlement service and determine payment.

    4. Convenience store settlement
      FamilyMart, Lawson and ministops are available at each convenience store. There will be 190 yen per commission.

    5. Bank transfer
      You will be transferred to your designated bank account. Please pay the payment fee at the burden of the customer.
      About returned goods / exchange

      We do not accept returns and exchanges of products other than the following reasons.

      1. When a product different from the ordered product is delivered
      2. If there is a defect in the product
      3. If there is a point that can be judged that it has been acquired in an unauthorized process, it may be deleted.
      ※ If the delivered product is defective or misalignment, we will bear the shipping cost taken for return.
      ※ Please contact us before contacting the refund procedure, unauthorized return (only defective product only) will take time.
      ※ Please note that we would like to accept for return reasons.
      1. In the event, we will receive different products due to our measure, or return goods due to defective products within 7 days from 7 days of product arrival (only if you have stock) and return.

      【Returned goods special】
      Even with the above-mentioned return reasons, it is not possible to receive returns or exchanges if the following conditions apply.

      1. Products that have elapsed for 7 days after product arrival
      2. Products for reservations
      3. Products that were used once, washing and reissued products
      4. Products with odor adhesion, scratches and dirt on the customer
      5. Accessories, product package (bag, case, shoebox, etc.)
      6. Products and product tag labels lost
      7. Sanitary products such as underwear, swimwear, cosmetics, lucky bag, sale products, outlet products, reserved products
      8. Products without stock (in that case it will be refund processing)


      1. Be careful with the adhesion such as perfume, cosmetics and tobacco nioys when trying on.
      2. Please note that if the state when you return the product (including also tags, boxes and accessories) to our company, it may not be possible to accept returnables if it is significantly different from delivery.
      3. If you return some of the returns or orders for the customer, the shipping fee and fee will be not covered by the refund, so please be aware in advance.