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A jacket using fake fur (eco -fur), a fabric company specializing in Japanese fabric, which also provides fabrics to European maison brands.

By using soft wool acrylic ribs on the hem and cuffs, you can create a casual atmosphere that does not become too luxurious. It is a midwinter compatible outer.

Seam pockets are placed on both sides. Pockets are attached to both sides on the lining side.

The front zipper adopts YKK's luxury line Excella®.

Features of fever fake fur

① Heat insulation function
The fabric temperature rises by about 2 to 8 ° C in response to the natural sunlight.

② Balculation prevention function
Since heat -generated substances perform corona discharge, it suppresses unpleasant static electricity in winter.

③ Excellent antipills performance
The heat -generated substance is covered with antipirlic, so the texture is less likely to deteriorate.

④ Sustainability
The heat -generated substance is wrapped in the center of the fiber, so it does not deteriorate due to washing, and its effect is semi -permanent.

Made in China

Main: ACrylic 100%
Rib: ACRYLIC 85%, NYLON 7%, wool 7%, PU 1%
Lining: 100% Cupro


Size Length Width shoulder width Sleeve Length
1 62cm 59cm 51cm 63cm
2 64cm 61cm 53cm 64.5cm
3 66cm 63cm 55cm 66cm


[About handling]
·Dry cleaning


Brand part number: LF-353JK0223

Model height: 175cm

Wear size: 3

Fake FUR JACKET -GREIGE Sale price¥88,000