Crochet Hand Knit Vest-Light Blue


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The model wear size is [Free Size].

Model height: 181 cm

A very hand-built knit vest with one piece with a crochet. It is also characteristic that the watermarked watermarked watermark from the knitting figure of the old knit book. The blade knitting (edge ​​ornament) was performed on the and the hem and tightened the design.

Free-sized one-size development.

Made in China


Size Landing Width shoulder width
Free 71 cm 58 cm 56 cm


[About handling]
· Washaw can be washed with weak washing process.
· Please use the cleaning net. Dark color may fall off, so please avoid washing with other things. Use a detergent that does not contain fluorescent bleach for light. Please avoid immersion in water for a long time. After washing, make the shape quickly and shade. Use the fabric. Please note that it may move to other things by wetness or friction due to sweat or rain.


Brand part number: 221KN0322

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